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Fiction & Screenplay Writer

Michael Hopkins

My Story

Michael Hopkins was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University. His book and music reviews have appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Magnet magazine. His short fiction has been published in Pleiades, Wisconsin People and Ideas, 365 Tomorrows, Moss Piglet, and Black Petals.  He is the winner of the 2018 Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Letters annual fiction contest, and 3rd place winner in the 2019 contest. He lives on a small Farm in Wisconsin, with his wife and their dog, cats, chickens, and bees. He makes and throws knives to satisfy his addiction to hearing the thunk! He is currently at work on his first novel of speculative fiction titled Chrysalis.


Literary Fiction

Mirror Box

Wisconsin People and Ideas Magazine 3rd place winner 2019


Wisconsin People and Ideas Magazine: 1st place winner 2018

Full Count 

Pleiades Magazine, Summer 2018

Science Fiction


365Tomorrows, January 30, 2021


365Tomorrows, May 27, 2020

The Death of God

365Tomorrows, February 15, 2019

A Change in Weather

365Tomorrows, October 7, 2018


Dark Resurrection

Black Petals, Summer 2021


Steel Justice

Moss Piglet, July 2021, pg.22

Flash Fiction

Final Flash

Moss Piglet, September 2021

The Bard's Tongue

Moss Piglet, May 2021, pg.33

The White Lie

Moss Piglet, April 2021, pg.32

Genesis Beginning to End

Moss Piglet, March 2021, pg.6

The Gruffs  

Moss Piglet, February 2021, pg.18

The Great Harvest  

Moss Piglet, January 2021, pg.38

The Samadhi Tones  

Moss Piglet, December 2020, pg.22

The Blue Blazer  

Moss Piglet, November 2020, pg.10


Moss Piglet October 2020, pg. 6

Frank’s Used Books  

Moss Piglet September 2020, pg. 6

The French Paperclip  

Moss Piglet July 2020, pg. 46


To Be Released Next: 

The Tallest Mountain in the World

 Coolest American Stories Anthology, 2022

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